Eric's Recommendations

  • Robert Hilliard, Ph.D.

    Ret. Dean of Graduate Studies, Emerson College
    FRM Dean of Continuing Education, Emerson College
    FRM Chief of Educational Broadcasting, FCC
    FRM Chair of the Federal Interagency Media Committee
    "[Eric's] work in teaching children about media and communications has been in the vanguard of the sub-categories of online collaboration, distance learning and publishing, video production, and broadcasting within the larger areas of educational technology. His teaching reflects the best approaches in using a design-and-problem-solving process. He has applied his approaches to developing curricula for middle and high school students. He motivates students to use creative out-of-the-box thinking to come up with real world solutions to issues and problems."
  • Theodore H. Wilson III, Ph.D.

    President, Schools for Children, Inc.
    Executive Director, National Institute for Student Centered Education
    "He has an incredible diverse set of skills and a gracious and attentive personality. Eric is thorough in his preparation and meets deadlines mutually established. He is a man of strong character and clearly wishes to be immersed in providing creative and engaging curricula for young people. I recommend him without reservation and feel that he and his wife would make an excellent contribution as a 'teaching couple'."
  • Kim Armstrong

    Co-Executive Director, Washington Green Schools
    "Eric's integrity, patience, creativity, real world technology experience, and deep knowledge would make him a fine addition to an international school. Eric would be well suited to teach technology, business, computing or media. I wholeheartedly recommend him and would welcome the opportunity to speak further about his strengths."