Select Recommendations

  • Robert Hilliard, Ph.D.

    Ret. Dean of Graduate Studies, Emerson College
    FRM Dean of Continuing Education, Emerson College
    FRM Chief of Educational Broadcasting, FCC
    FRM Chair of the Federal Interagency Media Committee
    "[Eric's] work in teaching children about media and communications has been in the vanguard of the sub-categories of online collaboration, distance learning and publishing, video production, and broadcasting within the larger areas of educational technology. His teaching reflects the best approaches in using a design-and-problem-solving process. He has applied his approaches to developing curricula for middle and high school students. He motivates students to use creative out-of-the-box thinking to come up with real world solutions to issues and problems."
  • Than Healy

    Former Head of the Upper School, Lakeside School
    “One of the few PhDs in world history that we have run across, Deb’s work in curricular development was known to us well before we hired her and suffice it to say that we were not disappointed with the work she has done for us. … The impact that Deb has had on our curriculum has been seminal for the school and its students. In the classroom Deb has high expectations for her students but is also a thrilling teacher that Lakeside students have responded well to for all the years she has been here. Well-prepared and self-reflective, Deb brings a monstrous knowledge of her content area and a delightful relationship with her students that yield excellent reviews year in and year out… She is highly affirming as a teacher: it is not unusual when watching her teach to hear numerous comments from her towards her students such as, “that’s a great question” and “that’s a really good point”. …and perhaps most importantly, her classes strike an important balance between high challenge and high support. She treats her students with respect which means challenging their capacities at every turn.”
  • Colleen Kyle

    History Department Head, Lakeside School
    “She is an outstanding world history teacher and a generous pedagogue who has had, in my view, a greater impact on our department’s overall quality and intentionality than any other individual… It is delightful to see Deb in front of a group of students in her classroom. She has high standards for each of them, yet supports their efforts warmly and sincerely delights in working with adolescents. On any given day, the furniture might be pushed against the walls as students kneel on the floor over a large map of Africa with skeins of yarn, simulating the colonization of the continent. The tables might be arranged in the shape of a courtroom, as students reenact the trial of Galileo. Her students have even put all of humanity on trial—a simulation that Deb created from a Star Trek episode that many of us use, with great success, as a culminating experience for our own world history classes. I marvel at her creativity and energy. She epitomizes Lakeside’s goal of offering students both rigor and support. Despite all of her accomplishments, Deb is also a sincere and humble person with a self-deprecating sense of humor and a thoughtful attentiveness to those around her.”
  • Charlotte Blessing

    Director of Global Education, Lakeside School
    "Deb possesses all of the qualities I look for in [Global Service Learning] trip leaders: enthusiasm for global learning and cultural immersion; tolerance for ambiguity; adaptability; confidence and integrity; attention to health and safety issues… Deborah has an international mindset and complemented with a deep knowledge of her academic field and a high level of creativity, she has enriched the on campus curriculum in ways that allow students to integrate their GSL experience into their classroom work. One can always approach Deb for ideas and a rich discussion about all things educational."
  • Theodore H. Wilson III, Ph.D.

    President, Schools for Children, Inc.
    Executive Director, National Institute for Student Centered Education
    "He has an incredible diverse set of skills and a gracious and attentive personality. Eric is thorough in his preparation and meets deadlines mutually established. He is a man of strong character and clearly wishes to be immersed in providing creative and engaging curricula for young people. I recommend him without reservation and feel that he and his wife would make an excellent contribution as a 'teaching couple'."
  • Kim Armstrong

    Co-Executive Director, Washington Green Schools
    "Eric's integrity, patience, creativity, real world technology experience, and deep knowledge would make him a fine addition to an international school. Eric would be well suited to teach technology, business, computing or media. I wholeheartedly recommend him and would welcome the opportunity to speak further about his strengths."