Who we are

Our family is a close one, enjoying spending time together debating ethical issues and current events, watching movies, cooking, reading, hiking, camping, and listening to stories on long car rides.  In moving across the country seven years ago, we became tighter, knowing that we could rely on each other in times of transition. This resiliency and adaptability will serve us well as we move overseas.  We have prioritized travel as a means of making sure our children are culturally sensitive and globally aware young people.  As a result, they have both been exposed to a variety of lifestyles, religions, climates and languages.  They are as excited as we are to be embarking on this adventure.   We have also prioritized service work connected to issues of sustainability—whether it be learning more about climate change in the Arctic, pulling blackberry bushes in local parks, or helping to clean up and advocate for the Duwamish River.  We look forward to you getting to know all of us. 

Deborah's Personal Interests Include:

  • International travel with students, family and independently
  • Current Book groups: World history; Race and Identity; and Thinking Woman's Group
  • International cooking
  • Hiking

Eric's  Personal Interests Include:

  • Local environmental public policy and service work
  • Drupal open source - community developed software
  • Sailing and canoeing
  • Arts, especially photography and videography​
  • Traveling and exploring new places with students, family and friends

Our Son's Personal Interests Include:

  • Architecture
  • Video Editing
  • Languages (having studied Spanish, French, Arabic and Turkish)
  • Music
  • Graphics Design and Drawing
  • Team Read (program for HS students to read to kids)
  • Computer programming and gaming
  • Childcare
  • Career goal: Architect

      He is currently attending an IB high school.

Our Daughter's Personal Interests Include:

  • Volleyball
  • Photography
  • Climate Justice Ambassador, Plant for the Planet
  • Cooking
  • Social media
  • Community service projects
  • Babysitting
  • Career goal: Social Justice or Civil Rights Attorney