Lakeside School

“She is an outstanding world history teacher and a generous pedagogue who has had, in my view, a greater impact on our department’s overall quality and intentionality than any other individual… It is delightful to see Deb in front of a group of students in her classroom. She has high standards for each of them, yet supports their efforts warmly and sincerely delights in working with adolescents. On any given day, the furniture might be pushed against the walls as students kneel on the floor over a large map of Africa with skeins of yarn, simulating the colonization of the continent. The tables might be arranged in the shape of a courtroom, as students reenact the trial of Galileo. Her students have even put all of humanity on trial—a simulation that Deb created from a Star Trek episode that many of us use, with great success, as a culminating experience for our own world history classes. I marvel at her creativity and energy. She epitomizes Lakeside’s goal of offering students both rigor and support. Despite all of her accomplishments, Deb is also a sincere and humble person with a self-deprecating sense of humor and a thoughtful attentiveness to those around her.”
Colleen Kyle
History Department Head, Lakeside School
Tuesday, November 12, 2013