Lakeside School

“One of the few PhDs in world history that we have run across, Deb’s work in curricular development was known to us well before we hired her and suffice it to say that we were not disappointed with the work she has done for us. … The impact that Deb has had on our curriculum has been seminal for the school and its students. In the classroom Deb has high expectations for her students but is also a thrilling teacher that Lakeside students have responded well to for all the years she has been here. Well-prepared and self-reflective, Deb brings a monstrous knowledge of her content area and a delightful relationship with her students that yield excellent reviews year in and year out… She is highly affirming as a teacher: it is not unusual when watching her teach to hear numerous comments from her towards her students such as, “that’s a great question” and “that’s a really good point”. …and perhaps most importantly, her classes strike an important balance between high challenge and high support. She treats her students with respect which means challenging their capacities at every turn.”
Than Healy
Former Head of the Upper School, Lakeside School
Friday, November 1, 2013